Bye! Hello!


Please update your bookmarks to, which is where we’ll be moving all of the content of this site.

This site will remain where you can buy The Transfer Book, at least for now. We’re very excited about the Transferweb project. There are already more features on that site; for example, a lot of you have asked about forums and we have that there. As before, you can ask any question you like and we’ll still get back to you quickly, but this time you don’t have to post your question on a random blogpost that may or may not be relevant to what you want to say.

We’re rapidly working on building even more features for the site. Pretty soon, you should see a directory of colleges with transfer-specific information, a tool to help you decide if transferring is right for you, community college transfer policies on a state-by-state basis, and more.

It’s been a wild ride so far. This site, with what little content it has, serves literally tens of thousands of students a month. Thousands of students have picked up The Transfer Book, and we’ve helped a lot of students one-on-one with their applications. We still get back messages and reviews like the ones on the reviews page. Our goal has been to help many students as much as possible with the process of transferring colleges, and the new site should help do even better by that goal.

So one last thing before we flip the switch and start redirecting everyone to the new site.

As this transfer application season draws to a close, if we’ve helped you out at all, whether through one-on-one consulting, the books, or just using the site, would you consider taking a moment to say something here: How Have We Helped You?

We’re collecting kind words from The Transfer Book community so that we can potentially share them with book publishers, conference organizers, and other people who could help grow The Transfer Book/Transferweb project, which in turn will allow us to help you and other transfer students even more. You don’t have to give us your real name if you don’t want to, all that matters is what you say is real (but if you’re willing to have your real details on the site, that would definitely help!).

Thanks everyone! We hope we’ve helped you out with the transfer process. For those of you still going through it, or about to go through it, we hope to help you even more with the new site. Once again: Onward and upward!