Want to Transfer to Columbia University? Tips on Recommendation Letters

  We attended an admissions information session at Columbia University this summer and got insider’s information from an admissions officer, who had completed his undergraduate studies at Columbia. Some of his most insightful advice was about letters of recommendation, and we’re … Continued

Transfer Admissions Rates For US News 2014 Added

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Strategy for the College Transfer Application

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Adjusting to Stanford University as a Transfer Student

In this article, Chris (co-founder of TransferWeb) interviews me (Lan) about my transition to Stanford as a transfer student. These are the main topics I discuss: The academic adjustment The social adjustment Financial aid You’ll see why, in reflecting on … Continued

Transferring to Stanford: Why and How?

The decision to transfer is a very personal one, but it’s without a doubt one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Just how did I come to the decision to transfer, and what were my next … Continued