Fall 2022

US News rankCollegeTransfer rateTransfers appliedTransfers accepted
1Princeton University2.9%120135
2Massachusetts Institute of Technology1.4%151421
3Harvard University0.9%173515
3.1Stanford University1.8%314157
5Yale University1.6%197332
6University of Pennsylvania5.3%3513185
7California Institute of Technology5.7%1599
7.1Duke UniversityN/AN/A
9Brown University5.4%2836152
9.1Johns Hopkins University6.5%1634106
9.2Northwestern University13.0%3264423
12Columbia UniversityN/AN/A
12.1Cornell University13.9%5761798
12.2University of Chicago6.5%125682
15University of California, Berkeley24.3%193804714
15.1University of California, Los Angeles24.4%250996130
17Rice University5.0%131966
18Dartmouth College7.3%59944
18.1Vanderbilt University16.6%2833471
20University of Notre Dame26.7%794212
21University of Michigan--Ann Arbor36.6%56332062
22Georgetown University7.3%2557186
22.1University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill42.1%36451535
24Carnegie Mellon University7.3%131096
24.1Emory University19.1%2020386
24.2University of Virginia34.8%35561239
24.3Washington University in St. Louis17.4%1559272
28University of California, DavisN/AN/A
28.1University of California, San Diego58.7%1972311586
28.2University of Florida44.4%53262364
28.3University of Southern California23.5%91002141
32University of Texas at Austin33.9%69612358
33Georgia Institute of Technology36.2%2525913
33.1University of California, Irvine40.7%227959276
35New York University20.5%83611712
35.1University of California, Santa Barbara58.1%1763210246
35.2University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign50.0%46002300
35.3University of Wisconsin--Madison52.9%39742102
39Boston College14.1%2405339
40Rutgers University--New Brunswick55.6%72734041
40.1Tufts University10.0%1474148
40.1University of Washington46.2%46352140
43Boston University29.0%58291691
43.1The Ohio State University88.0%38283370
43.2Purdue University--Main Campus48.4%29371422
46University of Maryland, College Park58.8%60163540
47Lehigh University33.2%555184
47.1Texas A&M University51.8%52072699
47.2University of Georgia74.9%30032248
47.3University of Rochester41.3%800330
47.4Virginia Tech57.6%28901666
47.5Wake Forest University28.8%29585

Data source: usnews.com, collegeboard.com

Some notes:

Why these schools? They happen to be the Top 50 National Universities according to US News. We wanted a sampling of the most popular schools that students might be curious about. Keep in mind there are about 2,500 four-year colleges in the US.

As with all statistics, take them with a grain of salt. The numbers change each year, and, if you can make a strong case for transferring, your odds will be much better than what you see here (and, of course, the opposite is true too).