Transfer Requirements: Cornell University Case Study

Meeting requirements for the transfer application is crucial; missing even one item could disqualify your application from being considered. Unfortunately, the requirements are not always straightforward. This post examines the process of determining course requirements for transfer applicants using Cornell … Continued

University of Michigan: Transfer Spotlight

When people refer to the University of Michigan (U-M), they almost always mean the Ann Arbor campus. From here on, “U-M” denotes the main (Ann Arbor) campus. Note that though U-M-Dearborn and U-M-Flint are also part of the University of … Continued

Transfer Friendly College Spotlight: Emory University

Emory University is a four-year private institution in Atlanta, GA with a total of 5,268 undergraduates. Within the larger university is Emory College of Arts and Sciences, which accounts for most of the undergrads. The college offers majors typical of … Continued

Transfer Student Numbers on the Rise at Vanderbilt University

A really interesting article was published recently on, the website of Vanderbilt’s student newspaper. As you’ll note in our transfer admissions statistics, Vanderbilt accepts an unusually large percentage of transfer applicants (55.9%) versus freshmen applicants (25.3%). Apparently, this has … Continued