College Transfer Application Checklist


In addition to the transfer application form itself and the essays, you have a whole host of application materials to manage.  Even if you’ve already submitted your applications, your work is not entirely done yet.  Be sure that all the required materials have been submitted.  Check the applicant portal of the schools you applied to, and see whether you have anything missing. Make sure you have all these items submitted or ready to go:

Official College Transcript

Don’t assume that your college will automatically send a transcript just because you asked your academic advisor or dean to complete the College Report.  You need to submit a request to the registrar’s office to have your transcript sent.  Note that some schools require that transcripts (both college and high school) be sent from the originating institution, so check the requirements carefully.

Official High School Transcript

Contact your high school guidance counselor’s office to have your transcript sent as soon as possible.

Instructor Evaluations and/or Recommendation Letters

Many colleges require at least two.  There is a bit of leeway here, because colleges understand that you don’t have a lot of control over when exactly your teachers submit evaluations and letters, but it’s best to not take any chances.  Don’t be shy about sending reminders if your teacher hasn’t submitted an evaluation and/or letter yet.

Mid-Term Report

This should be received by the college you’re applying to by the application deadline.  Some colleges allow you to submit the Mid-Term Report a few days after the application deadline, but don’t make that assumption.  Call the admission office to check.  If you have a professor who really is unable to provide you with a grade on the Mid-Term Report because your midterm exam or paper has not yet been graded, contact the admission office for advice on how to best proceed—different colleges have different protocols.

Official Standardized Test Scores

The SAT or ACT is required by many colleges.  If you’re an international student, most schools will require the TOEFL.  Log into your account for the respective standardized test, and have your scores sent directly to the schools you’re applying to.

College Report

This needs to be completed by your academic advisor or dean.

Financial Aid Materials

In most cases, you will need to submit financial aid materials before notifications of decision are released, though you will likely be able to submit these materials after the application deadline.  Look up all the required documents and dates for financial aid.

Fine Arts Supplement

Some schools give applicants additional time beyond the application deadline to submit their fine arts supplement.  Most applicants don’t end up submitting a fine arts supplement.  If you’re thinking about it, consider this option carefully.  Too many additional materials may clutter your application and perhaps create a negative impact.

There’s no reason to let one piece of application material get in the way of your transfer admission, so be diligent about going through this checklist!

(Image: Bruce Guenter)