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The Transfer Book

  • 179-page guide that breaks the entire transferring process down step-by-step, including:
    • Our 12-page quick start guide that will get you up and running even if there’s less than a month left before your deadline
    • Real-life essays that got students in at Stanford, UPenn (Wharton and Arts & Sciences), Columbia, Cornell, and other schools
    • Our Rule #1 that will quickly help you decide if transferring is right for you, and will make the rest of your application process as smooth as possible
    • A complete walk-through of every single part of the Common Application
    • A simple and polite way to let your professors know exactly what they should mention in their letters of recommendation for you, and that will have them thanking you for saving them so much time
    • The best way to make sure as many of your credits transfer over as possible
    • And more advice distilled from our own consulting, 50+ interviews with successful transfer students, and talks with admissions officers from around the country
    • Read the Introduction and Table of Contents

Transfer Students Speak: Profiles of Transfer Students

  • 280-page set of 35 of the most useful full-length interviews we conducted with transfer students of all kinds (community college, four-year, international, students that took time off, etc.)
    • Real stats for many students, including their GPAs (high school and college), schools they were accepted or rejected from (both as a freshman applicant and as a transfer), and their extracurriculars
    • Read as they explain exactly why they transferred, their particular tactics for applying, and how they made the adjustment to a new school (with many ending up as campus leaders)
    • Read a free Bonus Preview Interview. We chose this interview because it’s so insightful, and also because this is one of the interviews we don’t have stats for (we only have permission to put them in the book).

All available instantly as digital .pdf, .epub, and .mobi (Kindle) format downloads, so you can either print everything out or read it on your computer, phone, iPad, or ereader minutes after purchasing

459 pages total, all for just $35 $29.99, less than the cost of a single transfer application, and less than a quarter of the price for just an hour of consulting with one of us


  • Over 1.5 hours of high-quality audio of Chris and Lan further explaining the concepts in the book, and talking about their own path to transferring
    • Throw the .mp3s onto your iPod and get a deeper understanding of what you need to do to transfer well while driving or working out

And, as if that wasn’t enough, unlimited lifetime updates

  • If we update the books, you’ll get the new editions
  • And, if we get more great examples of real essays or more real student profiles, you’ll get them right away

All backed by our 30-day, 100% money back guarantee

  • If you’re not happy, just send us an email (support(at), and we’ll refund you right away, no questions asked. We’re doing this because after years of helping students transfer, we know our materials are amazing and life-changing and we we want to remove any hesitation in your mind from trying them.

The Transfer Book package

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Why is our guide the best?

  • The ONLY guide created by transfer students, one of whom has gone on to be a guest lecturer on transfer students for a Master’s-level class at Columbia University on contemporary college student issues
  • Proven strategies used by students to transfer into EVERY Ivy League school (except Princeton, which doesn’t take transfer students), plus Stanford and other top schools
  • ACTUAL successful essays and stats of students that got in to Stanford, UPenn (Wharton and A&S), Columbia, Cornell, and other schools
  • The product of over 6 years of research and one-on-one counseling with dozens of college transfer students

Who we are

We’re Chris and Lan, and we met while applying to transfer colleges. Chris transferred to Dartmouth College and Lan transferred to Stanford University. Lan received a graduate degree from Columbia University, and is now working toward her PhD at UPenn. Chris received graduate degrees from the London School of Economics and Oxford University, and now runs his own businesses and guest lectures on transfer students for a Master’s-level class at Columbia University. We both live in New York.

Now let’s go back to who we were. We both went to big public high schools, no fancy private schools here. Lan was the first person in her family to go to a four-year college, while Chris spent his high school summers working a close-to-minimum-wage job at the local theme park. He was one step away from being a carny. Seriously.

Chris applied to all the top schools (Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, UC Berkeley, you name it) straight out of high school… and was uniformly and soundly rejected by all of them. Lan didn’t even think about applying to the top schools because she thought she wasn’t good enough; she only applied to four of her state’s schools.

Why we’re doing this

To get from who we were then to who we are now, we transferred colleges. After blindly braving the process ourselves, we’re convinced that (a) no one else should have to go through this process alone, and (b) everyone can transfer to better schools than they think they can. If you’re like we were, and you’re stuck at a school that you don’t like when you know that you can be happier and reach your full potential at the right college, then you’re at the right place.

Why isn’t there any information out there for us?

We went through the process barely knowing what we were doing, not by choice, but because there was NO information out there for us. While there are books published every year for freshman applicants, advice for students interested in transferring is—if we’re lucky—sometimes given a page or two in the average college admissions guide.

This is despite the fact that SO MANY students transfer. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, HALF of the seniors in college changed schools at least once. Many of those are community college students, but 1 in 4 students at a four year school end up transferring before they graduate.

For community college students: Community college counselors are of limited help because they’re usually overburdened with helping hundreds of students, and they generally only have information about transfer agreements the school may have with colleges in the area. Despite this fact, community college students can and go transfer into places like Yale, Dartmouth, and Stanford every year. We’ll show you how they do it.

For those of you at four-year colleges: unfortunately counselors at these schools are often downright unhelpful. Why? While students are expected to transfer from a community college to a four-year school, four-year schools actually have incentives to keep information about transferring from you.

Most basically, colleges lose your tuition dollars if you leave, but, more subtly, their retention rate (the percent of students who enter the school that later graduate) also goes down. This statistic is important for the school to keep up because it helps determine how high the school is ranked by US News and World Report and, obviously, it makes the school look bad if students are leaving.

It’s your choice

Your education and your college experience are your choice. College is supposed to be one of the best parts of your life and you should make sure you’re getting the experience you want.

The advice we have for you, however, is not for everyone. It’s not for people who aren’t going to use it, it’s not for people who don’t take action, and it’s not for people who are afraid of stepping out of the box a bit.

As someone once told us, “A year from now, you’re going to be a year older. What are you going to do?”

The Transfer Book package

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P.S. Here’s our favorite letter we’ve received from a reader:

Our favorite letter

Hi Guys,

…please allow me to tell you how great great great The Transfer Book effort is.
I was thrilled to discover it online, I have enjoyed reading and re-reading it, and I have certainly profited from it…

Our nephew, who is a senior at (top national university), confirmed your comments on their high transfer rate… (As hard as he worked and as qualified as he was to get into to [top national university], I would never have broached this with him.)

Frankly, I wouldn’t have thought that our son (a freshman at [small local state school]… a true late bloomer who is academically [sic] blowing it out of the park this year–FINALLY!!!) would be remotely eligible to transfer there.

But, because of The Transfer Book, he will be applying there.

He went to (public high school), and was consistently in the bottom quarter of his class. Lots of extracurriculars, loved by everyone, integrity and honor, great all-round kid, captain of the tennis team, etc. Just not “there” in the maturity category… though blooming did begin late Junior year. The classic upward trajectory.

John’s SATS were 1300, so we knew that though not yet ignited, he was capable of more. Fortunately, the scores were high enough for him to apply and be accepted into to (small local state school’s) honors program. With 15 hours behind him at (small local state school), his GPA is a 4.3.

He intends to double major: history, political science, and he wants Rosetta Stone for Christmas to learn Arabic… because he thinks that it will be fun to learn it! Wow, who is this kid????

Because John’s high school grades were weak (2.6 freshman year, 3.2 Senior year) and the college counselor never spent much time with us, I am especially grateful for your “partnership” and edification.

Best to you both!,

I have printed and bound The Transfer Book and consult it regularly as a reference book.

I have told A LOT of parents (and freshman students) about your book.

I do hope that you have enormous success. The Transfer Book contains valuable information and is an exceptional service to any student considering transferring. And it is highly illuminating for a parent who knows next to nothing about what it takes to be a good transfer candidate.

And the follow up

Hey Chris,

I am writing you before I even write my brothers!
John just got in UNC today…
we absolutely believe that you guided us.