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Who we are

Let’s start with who we are. We’re Chris Goodmacher and Lan Ngo, and we met while applying to transfer colleges. Chris transferred to Dartmouth College and Lan transferred to Stanford University. Lan received a graduate degree from Columbia University, and now works in the field of education. Chris received graduate degrees from the London School of Economics and Oxford University, and is now in finance. We both live in New York City.

Now let’s go back to who we were. We both went to big public high schools. Lan was the first person in her family to go to a four-year college, while Chris spent his high school summers working a close-to-minimum-wage job at the local theme park. He was one step away from being a carny. Seriously.

Chris applied to all the top schools (Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, UC Berkeley, you name it) straight out of high school… and was uniformly and soundly rejected by all of them. Lan didn’t even think about applying to the top schools because she thought she wasn’t good enough; she only applied to four local colleges.

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Why we wrote this

We both agree that transferring was one of the best decisions we ever made. After blindly going through the process ourselves, we’re convinced that (a) no one else should have to go through this process alone, and (b) everyone can transfer to and succeed at the right college for them.

We went through the process barely knowing what we were doing, not by choice, but because there was NO information out there for us. While there are hundreds of books published every year for freshman applicants, advice for students interested in transferring is—if we’re lucky—sometimes given a page or two in the average college admissions guide.

This is despite the fact that SO MANY students transfer. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 1/3 of college students change schools at least once, with over 2.5 million students transferring every year.

We wanted to write a book that would make it easier for students to figure out if transferring is right for them, and then, if it is, help them figure out where to go and how to get in.

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Why transferring is different

(1) Transferring is a much more personal decision. You may generally be expected to continue your education after high school, but transferring is something you have to decide on your own.

(2) The transfer process is much more focused. As a freshman applicant, you aren’t expected to have strong reasons for wanting to go to a school, or even college generally, but when you transfer you will be asked exactly why you want to transfer to the college you’re applying to (it’s the big essay question on the Common Application), and you better have a better answer than, “to continue college.”

(3) The time between the start of your college career and when you have to submit your transfer application is SHORT. If you want to transfer after one year of college, you may have as little as six months between when you start college and when you submit your transfer application (most are due March 1). This means you have to hit the ground running when you start college, performing well in your classes, getting to know professors to write your letters of recommendation, and thinking about your application right away.

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What we cover

In short, everything:

(1) How to decide whether of not transferring schools is right for you, based on our Rule #1 that will quickly help you make the decision and (if you decide to transfer) make the rest of your application process as smooth as possible

(2) How to figure out where to apply, based on a number of factors, including where you’re at currently, what your post-college goals are, and more

(3) Setting your application up for success by taking the right classes, getting the grades you need, and working on extracurriculars that help demonstrate your case

(4) Putting together the best application possible: essays, letters of recommendation, and sending along a key item that most students NEVER DO

(5) Succeeding at your new school, including how to succeed academically at a school that likely has higher coursework standards and how to succeed socially, including brilliant tips from students that transferred and very quickly rose to top leadership positions on their campuses

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Why we have the best guide to transferring

Both of us are recent graduates who have gone through the transfer process ourselves, and we’ve contacted hundreds of current and former students who have transferred, as well as dozens of college admissions officers, education experts, and writers.

We also feature a selection of the best, most useful interviews we conducted with successful students that have taken every conceivable transfer path: students that transferred from community colleges to the University of California system and other state schools; students that transferred to schools in other countries; older and other non-traditional students; students that transferred between the most completely opposite schools possible (religious to super-liberal, etc.); and students that transferred to the best schools in the country, like Harvard, Stanford, and Yale.

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What You Get

The Transfer Book is a 95-page, no-filler guide that breaks the entire transferring process down step-by-step, using information straight from admissions officers at top schools and real-life examples and essays from the 50+ interviews we conducted with transfer students.

The Transfer Book

Inside you’ll find:

  • our Rule #1 that will quickly help you decide if transferring is right for you, and will make the rest of your application process as smooth as possible
  • a complete walk-through of every single part of the common application
  • real-life essays that got students into schools like Cornell, U Penn, and Stanford
  • a simple and polite way to let your professors know exactly what they should mention in their letters of recommendation for you, and that will have them thanking you for saving them so much time
  • the best way to make sure as many of your credits transfer over as possible
  • and more advice distilled from our 50+ interviews with top students, and talks with admissions officers from around the country
  • Read the Introduction and Table of Contents

Sound good? Well, in addition to the book we’re going to give you a SECOND BOOK, a 331-page compilation of the most interesting and useful full-length interviews we conducted with transfer students of all kinds (community college, four-year, international, students that took time off, etc.).

The Complete Interviews

Inside The Complete Interviews you’ll hear from:

  • Bryce, who transferred to her Ivy League dream school even though she was rejected as a freshman
  • Mea, who transferred to a top college despite her relatively low SAT score
  • Katherine, who left her Ivy League university because “it was more about the all-around college experience – academics plus social life.”
  • Jerold, who took advantage of transfer agreement programs to get into competitive universities
  • Nontraditional students, like Mary Ann and Charles, who got in and excelled as transfer students
  • Jessica, who felt embarrassed that she didn’t like her first school, but discovered that there’s nothing embarrassing about transferring after all
  • Lucy, who overcame “transfer shock” after switching schools and found clever ways to adapt to the academic rigor of her new school
  • Plus many, many more
  • Read a free Bonus Preview Interview (in which Nicole talks about how she got into her top choice school even though she applied AFTER the deadline had passed)

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, all of the above is yours instantly as digital .pdf format downloads.

That’s 426 pages total representing hundreds of hours of research and work all for just $47 $37, less than the cost of a single transfer application, and less than half the price for just an hour of consulting with one of us. NOTE: we will be raising the price to $47 in the near future.

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Completely 100% risk-free

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The point is: it’s your choice. College is supposed to be one of the best parts of your life and you should make sure you have the education and experience you want.

This isn’t rocket science, it’s just a smarter way to think about transferring: with the best information available from both admissions officers and students that made the leap themselves.

We’re giving you everything you need: real-life example essays; detailed stories from successful transfer students about how they decided to transfer, how they picked the schools to apply to, and how they got in; advice from admissions officers themselves; and a complete walk-through of the common application. Click the Download it Now button below; we’re looking forward to helping you get a handle on this fast and painlessly.

Hopefully you’re going to do this only once, we want to make sure you do it right.

The Transfer Book package

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Thanks for reading! We’re both looking forward to hearing your success story (send it and any other comments/suggestions/questions to authors (at) thetransferbook.com). Wherever you go, whatever you do, we wish you the very best.


Chris Goodmacher & Lan Ngo
New York City