Big Announcement: is Coming

Hi everyone! In response to emails and comments like the ones on this post, we’ve been working for a while now on a major project that we’re really excited about and that we think will be a huge step toward making transferring a lot easier for many of the millions of students that transfer each year. Transferweb is almost ready to be unveiled and we’re inviting the readers of this blog to sign up there for special access. We’ll be asking you for suggestions and feedback on features, and, as it says over there, the more people you invite using your invite link, the more extras we’ll be offering you as thanks. Click here to visit the sign-up page.

Just to be clear, The Transfer Book will always be the most complete and up-to-date source of our best information. We’re still figuring out what features to implement on Transferweb, but we’re definitely using it for things that just don’t work in a book, like discussions, social-networking, more stats, and certain kinds of articles (for example, step-by-step breakdowns of how to transfer between community colleges and state schools in each of the 50 states).

Lan will be be back in a couple of weeks with a great post covering questions we got from a one-on-one help client who shall remain anonymous (of course), and who agreed to let us post our answer to some of her questions about possibly having too many credits to transfer and what taking time off between colleges would entail.

Here’s the link to the Transferweb’s sign up page one more time: click here to sign up for special access.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Post them in the comments below! (Or you can email them to authors (at)